Ground Control Tracking Software

‘Ground Control’ Model Rocket Tracking

To make more use of the model rocket recovery tracker (Part 1 – Transmitter, Part 2 – Receiver) I wrote this application to take the information and display it on a map. The application is written is Python3 / Flask and has a browser based front-end to allow multiple people to participate in the ‘recovery’ […]

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Model Rocket 433Mhz Receiver

Building a model rocket beacon (Part 2)

Following up on the transmitter payload module for tracking my model rockets I have built a companion receiver unit so the GPS information could be captured and made usable, although tracking the payload module using a handheld transceiver and direction finding skills is still fun! The receiver is very simple in design consisting of an […]

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Ham Radio Deluxe v5 Logbook Sunspot Information

Fixing HRD v5 Logbook Sunspots Data

Since the paths used for Ham Radio Deluxe’s Logbook use to gather sunspot data have gone dark, it causes some issues with Logbook being able to get information and causing a message box to pop up with ‘Unspecified Error’ A fix is to create a batch file that downloads this information and hands it […]

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433Mhz GPS Tracker Beacon

Building a model rocket beacon (Part 1)

Since having a few successful launches under my belt I considered it time to up my game and start playing with much larger model rockets, and with that the opputunity arises to introduce a payload! Given my least favorite aspect of model rocketry is finding it again after landing, and my other hobby is amateur […]

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