Ham Radio Deluxe v5 sunspots

Earlier last year I posted a fix for getting Sunspot data working in Ham Radio Deluxe v5 (the last free version). Well it just so happens that NOAA decided to make a few changes in July which now prevents this from working.

HRDLogbook uses 5 text files from which it displays data, typically located at C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Simon Brown, HB9DRV\HRD Logbook :

  • Last30DaysDailySolarData.txt
  • RecentSolarIndices.txt
  • SunspotPredictDefault.txt
  • SunspotPredictHigh.txt
  • SunspotPredictLow.txt

Previously we were able to download a handful of files from the NOAA ftp site and with a quick bit of renaming get things running, however they have now since abandoned 2 of these txt files in favour for some shiny new JSON ones!

So in order to get the 5 files needed for HRD we need to fetch and convert the new JSON files to the rather archaic text format needed. I have created a little Python script (code below) to fetch and convert these files.

Not interested in coding? A windows executable is available here

import wget, requests, json, pandas as pd
from shutil import copyfile
## Pads out strings to correct lengths
def padValue(value,width):
    return '{value: >{width}}'.format(value=str(value), width=width)
## Get the 30-Day Solar Data
content = wget.download("ftp://ftp.swpc.noaa.gov/pub/indices/DSD.txt",out="output/Last30DaysDailySolarData.txt")
## Fetch the Recent Solar Indices
content = requests.get("https://services.swpc.noaa.gov/json/solar-cycle/observed-solar-cycle-indices.json")
js = json.loads(content.content)
df = pd.DataFrame(js, columns= ['time-tag', 'ssn','smoothed_ssn','observed_swpc_ssn','smoothed_swpc_ssn','f10.7','smoothed_f10.7'])
df = df.join(pd.DataFrame(df.pop('time-tag').str.split('-').tolist(),index=df.index, columns=['year','month']),how="left")
df['ratio'] = 0
df['ap'] = 0
df = df.reindex(columns=['year', 'month','ssn','ssn','ratio','smoothed_ssn','observed_swpc_ssn','smoothed_swpc_ssn','f10.7','smoothed_f10.7','ap','ap'])
outfile = open("output/RecentSolarIndices.txt","w+")
for row in df.values.tolist():
    outfile.write( padValue(row[0],4) + padValue(row[1],3) + padValue(row[2],8) + padValue(row[3],8) + padValue(row[4],6) + padValue(row[5],8) + padValue(row[6],6) + padValue(row[7],9) + padValue(row[8],9) + padValue(row[9],10) + padValue(row[10],9) +'\n')
## Clear out the last request, response and file
del content
del js
del outfile
## Fetch the Predicted Sunspots
content = requests.get("https://services.swpc.noaa.gov/json/solar-cycle/predicted-solar-cycle.json")
js = json.loads(content.content)
df = pd.DataFrame(js, columns= ['time-tag', 'predicted_ssn','high_ssn','low_ssn','predicted_f10.7','high_f10.7','low_f10.7'])
df = df.join(pd.DataFrame(df.pop('time-tag').str.split('-').tolist(),index=df.index, columns=['year','month']),how="left")
df = df.reindex(columns=['year', 'month', 'predicted_ssn','high_ssn','low_ssn','predicted_f10.7','high_f10.7','low_f10.7'])
outfile = open("output/SunspotPredictDefault.txt","w+")
for row in df.values.tolist():
    outfile.write( padValue(row[0],4) + padValue(row[1],3) + padValue(row[2],12) + padValue(row[3],8) + padValue(row[4],8) + padValue(row[5],11) + padValue(row[6],8) + padValue(row[7],8) +'\n')
## Copy the default to high and low

The code is quite simple and crude, I may come back to it later and tidy up, but for now it does what we need. When ran it will fetch the required txt and json files, convert them to correct formats and save them to an output folder. From there its simple matter of copying them to the appdata location for HRD (C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Simon Brown, HB9DRV\HRD Logbook) and launching Ham Radio Deluxe. It would be trivial to most to automate this with a batch script or Windows task scheduler.

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