After helping out a friend design some band pass filters for a project I decided it would be a good idea to add some simple calculators to the site:

The first is an LPF/HPF LC Tank calculator for working out the cutoff frequency for a given inductor and capacitor LPF / HPF filter by entering the values below. You can also use SI units, eg (22p, 60u, etc)

The second is a bit unique, it will roughly calculate the number of turns and length (1-100mm) for an air-core inductor based on the required inductance and former diameter within 1% of the nearest turn. The produced value also includes the actual inductance at this ratio. You can also use SI units, eg (22p, 60u, etc)

If you’d like me to add anymore calculators to the site, please give me a comment on this post or contact me!

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